More About Hour Builder SA

Our Mission Statement

Hour Builder SA is a professionally driven aviation specialist, providing hour building opportunities, plane hiring and exciting flight safaris for any pilot passionate about flying. Hour Builder SA is dedicated to excellence in the aviation industry.

Our Vision Statement

To provide a nationally focussed, and specialized aviation business model for the Southern Africa aviation region, whilst servicing aviation opportunities in the Small Light Aircraft industry and benchmarking excellence.
To transform the small to medium aviation business marketplace in Southern Africa, providing professionally driven aviation solutions.
Providing niche market aviation solutions, tailored for the aviation customer wanting to add value to his/her aviation experience.

Our Values

Aviation excellence

We provide quality and consistent aviation service delivery dedicated to our client’s specific business model and desired aviation solutions. Our business ethos is achieved through our aviation excellence and details our respect for our customers, shareholders and stakeholders, in a professional, accurate and timely manner that will exceed their expectations.    


We treat our customers, shareholders and stakeholders, suppliers and each other with integrity at all times, with respect in our actions, and honesty and transparency in our communication.

Service delivery focussed

We are reliable in the delivery of our aviation services and proactively respond to the need of our national and/or international customers.

Global Leadership

We provide clear direction and aviation leadership for our clients’ unique business solutions. We lead aviation business opportune change and celebrate success. Through collaboration, professionalism, honesty, consistency and corporate values we strive for business success through aviation solutions. 


We are accountable to our customers, stakeholders, shareholders and suppliers and each other for our work, work ethics, our actions and the aviation services we provide.

Our Goal

To honor all customer promises and commitments.
To deliver results consistently and continuously.
To grow specialized aviation business opportunities internationally. 
To build a successful and tailored aviation business solution for any client need.

Our Objectives

To always be held accountable for delivering on our commitments.
To provide an outstanding aviation business model.
To search for a niche marketplace where our aviation business model can excel. 
To be valued business partners.
To drive personal accountability, as expected from our national or international clients.